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Just some feedback from our customers...

  • Ashley,

    I purchased Hunter from you last year and he has turned out to be a SUPER RETRIEVER on land and in the water... He is all his pedigree said he would be.. attached is one of our Pheasant hunts my son A.J. and I did with Hunter.. He did over 30 retrieves most 40 to 50 yds.. some 100 to 200 yds.. We can't wait until this season's Dove Duck and Pheasant hunts... Thank you....

    Aner & A.J. Gonzalez, Pembroke Pines Florida

  • Ashley,

    I don't know if you remember me, I purchased a lab pup from you last summer (July) from your March litter. I am getting ready to leave the military and go back to Illinois. I wanted to thank you for Rowdey. He is a great addition to my family. He gets along great. I would say he is the perfect dog, and I am not byassed at all. I am attaching a few photos. Thank you once again.


  • Only Ashland Kennels could produce such beauty & Intelligence 13 yrs of "over the top super duck dogs" Lady is so proud of her great great niece. We love you Ashley!

    The Boshell's


  • Dear Ashley,

    just wanted to let you know I'm doing fine! Chip and Louise(Mom and Dad) brought me home and it didn't take me long to stake out a spot with my new best friend, Binga.

    I let Mom and Dad sleep well by not letting out a
    single wimper .They named me Boo.

    I showed Binga that though I may be small,I can
    hold my own!

    And I made Dad proud, showing him I'm a
    retrieving maniac!

    Tom Rutherford

  • Hi Ashley,

    It's been a while, and I wanted to write to tell you about the maniac retriever! He is doing so well at 5 1/2 mo. old, he is amazing. His obedience training and retriever training are coming along fantastic. I wish I could video him with the fun bumpers and send it to you. He just loves every minute! And what a swimmer! He learned "find it" recently, and is a pro. He is a pro at everything. He still has more training to do to become a "finished dog" but I have no doubt he will exceed our expectations. He is doing well on the Pro Plan Performance food.
    Thanks so much for such a fantastic professional! Oh, and handsome, too. Will send some pics


  • Hello Ashley!!

    My husband and I bought a Black Lab puppy from you a few months ago, and wanted to share some pics with you!! He is one of Allie & Woody's pups born 1-24-09. His name is Rooster. He is the best dog and we love him!! He is so smart and is great with our kids!! AS you can see by the pics, he is a spoiled member of our family. We took him to the beach with us for 8 days and he would swim all day in the pool or in the ocean with the kids. Thanks so much!! Hope you enjoy the pics.

    Derrick & Heidi McCravy
    Smyrna, Ga.

  • Ashley,

    Just a quick picture of Maya taken today. She is doing GREAT. I took her out Saturday with a Pheasant wing, she was sure tuned into this!! I would drag it around for a scent trail, and I would hide it and let her go to find it she found it every time but once. She has a good nose already and shows very good signs. Just a hard time getting that wing back from her, but one step at a time. She is very smart. Just as you claim, your pups are smart and it is so true. I have a Dokken's dead fowl trainer that of course is way to big for her yet, but she tries real hard to get it in her mouth and carry it and she does carry it a bit. As long as she is good with noise, she will sure be a great field dog one day soon. I am so glad I found your site online. You made me one HAPPY dog owner!!


  • Ashley,

    I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of “Chloe” in action. She has adjusted well and as you promised “Super Smart”! We are currently working on our basic obedience commands and she is doing great. She has sit stay and here down. Leash training is somewhat slower on getting her to heal but I’m sure we’ll have it down within the next couple of weeks. She is excellent on the stay command for only being 14 weeks old now. My kid’s have really enjoyed her as you can see in the picture. My 7 year old daughter has taught her to go down their slide! Thanks so much for breeding quality dogs!

    Brad Howard


  • Hi Ashley,

    I have a puppy (2 years old) from Donni/Rascal. I got him for trailing.

    At end of 5th paragraph is lettering in red: Watch 2 detection puppies in action. That page will have option of clicking on explosives/narcotics or missing person. Select missing person – it will be Bodi.

    He is doing great. He has 2 certifications and is almost ready to hit the streets. Some folks might have already deployed him, but trailing is the most difficult discipline for a search and rescue dog as they are searching out 1 single scent from everything out there. I want to make sure we are virtually ‘bullet’ proof – so within the next couple of months we should be there.

    Will be looking for another puppy next year – for cadaver work. Would really like a chocolate lab – if you know of a litter that might be ready by end of next year.


    Pam Nyberg

  • Ashley,

    Just thought that you would love to hear that "Sam" our pup that we got from you(Kayla X Drake 4/9/08)
    just came back from her first hunt test. She passed 4 out of 4 tests on Sat-Sun and was quite the star of our group! She is awesome!!! We ran her in "started", so the tests were no big deal to her. She is picking up triples like a pro, hand signals....will soon be running blinds. Plus she is a wonderful loving puppy. Our old dog loves her so much that she will tear into any dog that trys to "gruff" Sam.

    I knew you would like an update. She was VERY excited about the tests....just young and excited with everything so not ready to be off lead I don't think, but she performed perfectly. She is a beautiful and wonderful pup!

    Mary Hardwick

  • Ashley,

    Hey, I just wanted to take a second to give you an update on my new pup Gunner. He was one of the pups from Tolbert's Sophie and Teal Run's Bluegoose Thunder born on 10-19-08. Gunner is 4 months old and doing great I'm very impressed with him so far. He truly is the smartest pup I've ever had, his training is coming along very well. We recently went to the retriever club hunt test and he recieved tons of compliments about how well he looked and how well behaved he was. I entered him in the puppy stakes and he smoked the rest of the pups. I had a bunch of people asking me why I didn't enter him in the Started Hunt Test. Any how just wanted to let you know how well he's doing and take a chance to tell you thanks for the great pup.

    Dan Middleton

  • Ashley,

    This is a picture of Timber at 10 months old. It was only his second hunt in the Timber of Arkansas and he went on 11 retrieves these are all of his ducks. He is doing amazing everyone that I hunt with cannot believe how young he is. His love for hunting and desire to please are unmatched by any dog I have seen. I want to thank you for such a great hunting dog and companion.

    Blake Turner

  • Ashley,

    Thought it was time for an update. Annabelle is doing great! I finally was able to shoot some ducks yesterday and clipped a few wings for training. Up until yesterday, she was retrieving pretty good but didn’t seem real enthusiastic. I put a couple of wings on a training bumper and the light turned on! I spent a half hour hiding the bumper under leaves and throwing it into the woods and she has figured out to use her nose. She was digging it out from under the leaves and making me proud! All I can say is you deserve all the credit for breeding quality genetics. Thanks again for your hard work and providing our family with a great addition. I’ll take some pictures again soon.

    Brad Howard

  • Ashley,

    I wanted you to know how fanastic our pup is!! She has been w/the trainer 2 months and she is exceeding his every expectation! She is beautiful and going to be an awesome retriever. We will probably take her to the duck blind with us at the end of the season . Our older dog (11yrs-that we got from Chris Scott) is still hunting with us and doing great, but this will be her last year so our timing is perfect with our puppy. Ashland's Somerset Sam, "Sam" is going to be a big dog and she is a wonderful puppy! The trainer wants to run her in field trials as a finished dog starting in Feb! (We have never participated in field trials-just want a good hunting / pet, but we will see.) Thought you would like to hear the great report! Thank You!

    Mary Hardwick

  • Ashley,

    Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Annabelle is doing extremely well. We had a vet visit last Friday and she was already 13lbs, and I’m sure a week later she’s pushing 15lbs. On Sunday, she was 9 weeks old so we started our daily training sessions. I can’t get over how smart your pups are! They really pick up on the training fast. After 8, ten to fifteen minute sessions this week, she sits on command, (and Whistle), probably 80% of the time and she will hold on the stay command with me walking away up to 60 feet. Her retrieving instincts are beginning to blossom as well. I’ll try to get you some pictures in the next week or so of her on the beach and maybe a couple of us doing some yard work. Once again, thanks for selecting genetically superior dogs and producing quality pups!

    Brad Howard


  • Ashley,

    No picture but I wanted to update you on how smart Mojo is! He's a black male from Dab's litter. Yesterday he was 11 weeks old and has been home for just over 3 weeks....and he's potty trained!. This may not be as unusual as I think it is, but according to the training books I've read and my experiences potty training my previous Lab, I think he's amazing! We attend puppy classes on Wednesday nights with puppies ranging from 8 to 18 weeks old and the only other pup there that is potty trained is 16 weeks old.

    I'm curious if you did any crate training with him before he came home...there was no apparent litter separation anxiety even the first night. He immediately integrated into our family and seemed to feel right at home.

    We have our training challenges (he seems to be fairly dominant in overall temperment) but he's a sweet, loving and fun pup to be with. My previous Lab was also dominant and kept me on my toes until he grew up so I see Mojo's temperment as a very positive thing. My Jake turned out to be a wonderful companion and although Mojo has very big paws to "fill" I'm confident we're going to be life-long best friends.

    Thanks again for raising such wonderful pups!


    Hi Ashley,

    Buford survived his first week with the Johnston family!
    He is thebest dog and so loving!
    He slept the entire way home to Atlanta Thursday night after picking him up, and then we got in the car Friday and drove to NC.

    He loved camping and did great in the tent with us. He has adapted so quickly to all of his different routines.
    He has not gone to the bathroom once in his crate. (He has had some accidents in the house but mostly because we let him wander too long!)J
    We are amazed at how smart he is!

    We will keep you posted on his progress.
    Thanks for letting us take one of your babies. It was great meeting you!

  • Ashley,

    Vader is doing great and loves the water.

    Bob and Lark Ryan

  • Ashley,

    Hi! We got our dog Jagger from you last July after losing our first lab. He was one of Jack & Lacy s pups one of three that was left. He was little and black with finger nail polish on his ear and a confident strut. We drove all the way down from southern Indiana but it was worth it. Jagger has become the center of our life since then! We love him to death and couldn't be happier! He is so much smarter and learns much faster than any other lab my husband or I have ever seen! He was obidience trained in less than a week! I was so amazed I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. My husband was able to train him to hunt by following basic instruction books and dvd's. Jagger learned everything quickly amazing everyone! He has recently started competing in UKC field trials and has run in 2 started events so far. Unfortunatley due to poor conditions this season he was not able to hunt but he is certainly capable. He is eagerly awaiting his first real hunt. He s totally bird crazy!! Not only is he an excellent hunter and smart he is beautiful. He's taller than most labs and has an excellent build. Everywhere we take him we constantly get compliments on his attractiveness. Our vet even tried to buy him from us! Best part of all Jagger is a fantastic companion. Unlike most hunting dogs he lives inside with us. He is very protective of my husband and I and he recently welcomed our infant son home with no issues. He is loveable active and the funniest animal I have ever been around! I always heard that genetics make the difference in a dog and I totally believe it now. We couldn't be happier with Jagger! I recommend you to everyone we know! If we ever have another dog which I hope is many many years from now we won't consider anyone else! We can't thank you enough! We will send pictures soon!

    Stephanie & Lindsey France

  • Ashley,

    If I do say so myself he's still the best looking lab I've even seen.... he absolutely loves his volleyball... He loves people and other dogs has a blast at the dog park.... about 65 pounds now & growing... should increase in height till about 12 months of age... I plan on training & breeding this guy...


  • Hey Ashley!

    This is Kelly from St Simons. We took home the black male from Chase's litter. Just wanted to send another big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Happ is absolutely ah-mazing! He has adapted so well to our home and is playful and happy all the time (when he's not sleepy of course). Funny story we got him home and were using our quiet baby voices and he wouldn't really come to us. We thought he was just really nervous.... all of sudden Scott and I at the same time both whistled... and boy... he took off towards us.... tail wagging and all!!! It was hilarious! From then on he was at home. I told Scott I guess he thought he had ended up with two idiots that couldn't whistle and got REALLY happy when he heard that we could! Too funny..... many more updates to come and here are some pics. Thank you again! What a great blessing in our lives!

    Love Kelly and Scott Revels

  • Ashley,

    I know you most likely don't remember me but I purchased a black male lab from you in 2006. He was born on 2/15/2006 and his parents are Doc and Seasides Die Another Day I can't remember her call name. I had Charlie s OFA test done in March 2008 and it came back as excellent. I am going to have his eyes checked in the very near future. I just wanted to let you know he is a great dog loves to retrieve and has been a great hunting partner. We are currently working on his HRC hunting retriever championship title. I hope to enter him in the Grand next year.

    Erik Gonzalez

  • Hey Ashley,

    This is Shelby Smith from Opp Al and I wanted to give you an update on Tuck. He had his first hunting experience back in September on a dove field. After the first couple of birds fell it was someone turned on a switch inside him. He was like a machine after that retrieving not only my birds but other peoples cripples as well. Later during duck season i found that he enjoyed retrieving ducks more than anything else. He is a WILD MAN in the duck blind and can not wait for me give him the OK to retrieve a downed bird. He absolutely loves it. A couple months ago I took him quail hunting (flushing and retrieving birds) and he did outstanding. I did however have to go back and work on his steadiness after that trip (haha). finally I took him to a pheasant tower hunt the other day more for training and experience than anything else and he had a blast watching the birds and running up down the hills making retrieve after retrieve. He has the same drive and intensity that he had as a young puppy chasing down pigeons in GA. Tuck is a great dog and friend. Attached are some pictures from our hunt at Lake Guntersville. God Bless.

    Shelby Smith

  • Ashley,

    LINK QAA. He got a 2nd at Central Savannah. Not bad for all winter off with only parking lot drills! Congrat's to LINK - he is Qualified All-Age -

    belongs to Sue Westlake in Maine

  • Ashley,

    Here is a picture of Tripp and me this past weekend. I love him and his birdieness (if that is even a word). He is so smart at 4 months and getting better every day. This was the first time that he has been shot directly above and it did not phase him at all. I actually think he was looking for the bird as soon as the shot was fired. He absolutely loves the water and retrieves to hand already. I've heard some of the dogs loving the water so much that they won't retrieve on land but Tripp will go from land to water and back to land and shows no sign of hesitation. I appreciate everything that you helped me with on locating a Super Duck Dog, and I will be sure to push Ashland Kennels. Thank You!

    Sincerely Tyler Spears

  • Ashley,

    I wanted to give you an update on the black male puppy that we bought from you. He was welped on 2/15/2006 from Doctor Feelgood V1 and Seaside s Die Another Day. At 8 months of age he is proving to be one of the best if not the best dog that I have ever owned. I must admit that he has tried my patience with everything that he has chewed up. He is a retrieving maniac . I actually think that he lives to retrieve. He is fortunate enough to live in the house. When we awake in the morning he grabs a canvas traing dummy runs to the front door looks back at me as if to say let s play and I give him a number of retrieves. At night before bed we go through the same routine and then he is ready for bed and he sleeps all night. In the field he is hard charging but under control. He uses his nose extremely well. He retrieves from sage brush alfalfa fields cattails switchgrass ponds rivers creeks and drain ditches. He has a great disposition and temperment. He is very muscular athletic and strong. He is a great looking lab with excellent conformity. I hope that he continues to progress as well as he has up to this point. I actually bought the dog for my son but I like him so well that I may keep him for myself and buy another dog for my son. I will let you know what I decide in the future.

    Thank you Larry Akin

  • Ashley

    Just wanted to let you know that Shadow is absolutely the best dog in the world for us. He is so loving and gentle. At the same time he is also a big black ball of retrieving energy! The only thing he loves more than retrieving is retrieving in the water. He is by far the fastest swimming dog I have ever seen. When I start looking for another dog in about a year I will definitely check with you first. Thank you for helping us to pick the right dog!

    Sincerely Kara Byrnes

  • Hi Ashley

    I took our female “Cali” back for her next set of shots and I believe that your opinion not to give the shot with lepo worked. They gave her the puppy shot and her 4 month rabies shot and she didn’t have any reaction. Cali has the best temperament of any dog that we have ever owned. She picks up on what ever command that I give her in fact the joke around my house is that I could teach her to talk. Our male “Ace” has the making of a real champion. He is so egger to work and learn that I have to stop myself from over doing his training session. He just turned 16 weeks and he is making straight retrieves on command along with making blind retrieves without really spending allot of time on that technique yet. He marks well on my helper yelling hup hup and is busting at the seams to please me. I will be starting advance training during the X-Mass holidays. I come from a family of hunters & hunting dogs and have had the pleasure of working with some of the best. I want you to know that these two pups are the best that I have ever worked with. I looked forward to every work session and find myself wanting to find more training tips to share with them. I want to thank you for starting your line of retrievers and keeping it going. I did allot of research and questioned lots of gun dog owners to pick the right kennel and hunting line and I’m glad that we were able to hook up.

    John Kersten

  • Hi Ashley

    My husband promised a picture of Tucker and all his ribbons. He obtained three obedience titles this past winter doing very well and all nine trials straight (3 legs per title) His Rally title (RNMCL) was included a perfect score and his High in Trial was won from a three dog run off. He is currently working on his obedience trial championship. He also just had two Seasoned passes. His full registered name is UCD Hardlabor’s Here Comes Tucker JH WCX CDX RNMCL. You can see him on our website where all of his clearances are also listed. He pretty much as all the clearances you can get :0) I think the heart one is the only one we haven’t done.

    Take care Chris Bayles & Pat Van Bregt


  • Ashley

    what an amazing dog Deuce is and is quickly becoming. He is so obedient and calm a real pleasure! I built a Pigeon coop in the back yard and it is his very favorite place. He LOVES birds! He is doing a very good job with them. He knows when his work collar goes on it’s bird time. He is retrieving them religiously and getting the idea of delivering them to my hand. His mouth is soft and he is not chewing them at all. He does back flips every time I open the Pigeon Coop! I have really focused on not working him to long or hard and he has responded. He is even getting better at retrieving his bumpers he is consistent with them now and not losing interest. I kept him on a check cord when he first started live birds and he has figured out that he is bring them back to me. All I can say is he is the best dog I have ever had! My previous Lab was a Chocolate that was professional trained and I loved him but; Deuce is a different dog much smarter and much more disciplined. Max I got at a pet store and he could hunt but was very stubborn and hard to control. Deuce is a pleasure. Once I broke it down to his level he figured it out and is really enjoying learning. Our best friends are animal fanatics who helped my wife find you and researched you kennel. They have 10 dogs that are show dogs as well as horses llama’s monkeys…… you name it. They are blown away by what deuce can do at such a young age. I could not be happier!! I will send pix of Deuce later this week just wanted to update you. Thanks for the greatest gift in the world.

    Terry Bross Scottsdale AZ

  • Hi from Pike Road Alabama..

    I don t know if you want some periodic updates on the puppies you ve sold but here s one on Annie that i bought from you in mid November 2006.. She now weighs approx 45 lbs and is lean with a defined waist.She has the shiniest coat and is still on the Purina Pro-Plan for Large breed puppies that you suggested...she settled in easily here and loves everyone including the vet. ..She is very well socialized with all people and animals(thanks to your beginning) .. I took her to the lake yesterday and she loved it .she went right to the water and jumped off the pier..she showed great intelligence in immediately discerning the various ways and places to get on and off..and is a tremendous athlete.. She is also a very beautiful dog and I think she is a real credit to your program.

    regards Greg

  • Hi Ashley

    From time to time I have to send you a note telling you how great my dog Kate is doing. It’s hard to believe she’ll be 2 years old in July. She is by far the smartest dog I’ve ever had. I get so many compliments from other people on how great she is. She is retrieving incredibly well and we’ve worked past the mouth full of feathers! I can barely control her when we get around water. So energetic and enthusiastic! The hardest thing I’ll have to do is leave her for a year the next time I go overseas. Just had to thank you again for such a wonderful dog. I look forward to coming home everyday….she hears my truck coming down the road and anxiously waits for me to get out. Truly a dog that is man’s best friend! Thanks again. I’ll definitely come calling for another dog in the future (hopefully a LONG time from now).

    Jim Barrows


  • Dear Ashley

    Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how well Bear is doing. You may be wondering about the name. This is how he got it. Whenever he wakes from a nap he stretches a groans just like a bear. We love it!!!! He has become one of the family and he is extremely smart. We have been very careful not to overdue the training since he is so young (8 1/2 weeks) but this is what we have been able to teach him. He follows the command sit very well. He even sits on the whistle about 70% of the time. He follows the command here very well. Believe it or not he will perform the extended sit command while I walk around the corner into another room. I can then command here and he comes to me. He is not afraid of gunfire in the least. And as for water last weekend my oldest son and I went to pickup our decoys at the duck blind. We carried Bear with us (we carry him everywhere with us). While we were there he ran out into the water on his own. He got up to his neck a few times and it never bothered him. This puppy is amazing. We carried him to our vet last week for his shots and he told us that Bear was very healthy and growing well. All of our friends talk about how beautiful he looks. I have several friends that own retrievers and pointers and all say that Bear is a result of very good breading. I am very happy that I found you Ashley. Bear has brought alot of love and entertainment into our lives and we are all very glad to have him. Thank you for taking the time and care required in breeding top class puppies. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a super duck pup.

    Jay Gillikin Bastrop LA

    Dear Ashley

    You might remember us we bought a yellow female out of Jesse Kent s FC/AFC. JK s Creekside Hey Paco about 71/2 years ago when it was raining. You took us downstairs and ask us if we had settled on a name for the pup out of Paco and we said we had just decided to call her TIP and you said look at a little female with a tiny white tip on her tail that was the pick that was cancelled from Colorado. We saw the name on a Delivery Truck delivering Tiparillo Cigars. right before we got to your place. Our names are Ty and Scotty Clenney located near Bowling Green Ky. up above and near Nashville Tn. Ashley you have brougtht so much happiness to our family that we will be eternally grateful. We are running our dogs in AKC & UKC Hunt Tests an winning many ribbons. If we can do anything for you. let us know. My whole family on my dad s side are from Edison Georgia 80 miles south of Columbus near Plains Ga. Don t ever let anyone ever say to you that you are not special because you really are. Love and Respect to a wonderful person.

    Ty & Scotty Clenney

  • Dear Ashley

    Venus just celebrated her 4th birthday. I have been training her in agility but just for fun not for competition. Lately I have gotten hooked on flyball and just wanted to let you know that Venus earned her FDCh title (Flyball Dog Champion) in only her second tournament. You can see her on our team website Click on Dogs then on Competition. You can also see her in action at Click on Dog Gone Fast Winter Wuffest under Most Recent then enter Double Dog Dare in the Search This Gallery box. Venus is in the second set of photos of our team (photos number W8F1032 W8F1036 W8F1042 and W8F1049). She loves to play flyball!

    Valerie Maples

    Dear Ashley

    I’s been a little over 3 months now and Katie and I just thrilled with our selection of Dax. He’s getting so big but he’s incredibly smart and learning everything we teach him. I’m barely in the door for 2 minutes before he is bringing me a bumper wanting to play fetch. We took him over to my mom and dads the other weekend and he took to the water immediately. Everyone we run into comments on how gorgeous he is. I prefer handsome but we won’t argue with them. I just wanted to thank you for working with us and allowing us to have a puppy from Ashland Kennels. I will be spreading the word of how wonderful they puppies are. I have attached some pictures for you. Thank you

    Jonathan Nelson

  • Hey Ashley

    Been a while since I last e-mailed you. Millie is doing great One fine dog. I do not get to take her hunting much but more important to me is the fact she is a great family dog. My nieces and nephews love her and she loves them. Every time some one asks me to recommend a breeder for labs I tell them about you. One day I am going to come see your new place it will be hard not to want to take a puppy home!!! Your puppies are the best!!!

    gene mixon

  • Hi Ashley

    Just wanted to send you some pictures of Jake. He ll be 9 months on Thursday and was a Jessie and Hallie pup 5-6-06. He s growing everyday and is 55 pounds now. He and I run about 45 minutes everyday. He is very fit! and FAST!! We LOVE him and he s a great new addition to our family! Everyone tells us that we treat him like he s our son. Well hello people...he IS!! He sleeps with us now....about half the night and then he jumps down into his doggie bed in our room. He s completely house broken and is very smart. I love to hide things from him and watch him find them. He always does. Good sniffer I guess. :) Thanks again for allowing us to find the best little guy in the whole world! :)

    Jennifer & Andy Loveland Savannah GA

  • Ashley

    We once again want to express our pleasure with your breeding program. Our pup Daisy now almost 5 months old is super smart and as of next month we will start training her as a search and rescue dog. I have attached a few cute pics for you. She s beautiful!

    Sarah Dietz Merret

  • Ashley

    I bought a yellow female out of a Lacy X Chip litter. I picked her up on May 1 2005 and named her Emmie. She is doing great and am very happy with this dog. She is right at 50 pounds great endurance cute personality and just what I was looking for. She has recently earned her CGC she is taking agility classes and is not too far from competing and I plan to get her started retriever title in the near future as well. A picture of her was published in the Just Labs magazine for this month. If you don t get it I scanned in the picture and posted on a lab forum I frequent. If you are interested in seeing it the link is listed below.

    Take care Donna


  • Ashley

    Our Daisy sure is something else! She can be so sweet....and so feisty!! Attached is a pic we took the day we got her home. We have learned this is the I need lovin face. We have some more recent ones that I ll send once I upload them. We love her and are so happy! Also the vet asked who our breeder was because she was very impressed with our puppy. We gave her your card and highly recommended your facility to others looking for quality labs.

    Sarah Merret


  • Ashley,

    I’ve been meaning to write since we brought her home on Saturday, but as you know, life with a new puppy is busy! Haley is our dream dog; we can already tell that she is going to be the best lab we’ve had! She’s calm, but energetic and has taken to her kennel like a champ! Smart dog! Both our boys are very good with her and she has quickly become a valued member of our family (not to mention my husband finally getting a little girl)!


  • Ashley,

I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how Deacon is doing. As of right now he is sitting, staying and coming. He is also retrieving a puppy Kong with much enthusiasm and desire. He has adjusted to our family very well. His personality is one of the best that I have seen in a Lab. You can rest assured that I will be purchasing all the rest of my dogs to come thru you. I will let you go for now but will keep you posted on his progress.


Arnold Wilkening


  • Ashley,

I got a male from your Flip-Nelson breeding at the end of 2004. He has been nothing but great from day 1. He picked up somewhere between 600 and 700 ducks this year during hunting season and is just two Finished passes away from a HRCH title. I feel that this may be my "Dog of a lifetime". I am looking at getting another pup in the near future and was wondering if you plan on repeating this breeding. If not, could you get me both Flip and Nelson's future breeding schedules. I would greatly appreciate this information, and thanks again for providing me with an exceptional dog.


  • Ashley,

    I live in Savannah and bought a yellow lab I named Maddie from you in October 2004. She was whelped in August of 2004 and her father was Rascal. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update. I am one satisfied customer!! Maddie is one of the most phenomenal dogs I have ever been around. At not even a 1 1/2 old she acts like a 5 year old dog. Calm, mature, loyal, but most importantly she's just so much fun. Anyway, as I have updated you before I am a duck hunter and have trained Maddie myself. Last week I hunted in Alabama with 7 friends on two beaver ponds. Maddie was present with two other experienced duck hunting labs, one 4 1/2 years olf and the other 5 1/2 years old. Of the 21 ducks that were shot on Saturday, Maddie retrieved 16 of them. On one occassion she stuck her head under water after a wounded duck and brought him back. It was just amazing.

    Maddie is just awesome. She retrieved her first bird on a live hunt at 5 months of age and the bird turned out to be banded. Please pass along to Rascal's owner that his daughter is a badass.

    Jimmy Smith


  • Hi Ashley,

    A quick update on Beau. He is doing great. He’s a maniac on birds and bumpers and loves water. We have one small pond that we use for training and if we’re there and he is not on a lead all you see is a black streak and a big splash.


  • Hi Ashley,

    Just wanted to keep you posted…Kate is doing awesome! She is really one of the smartest dogs I’ve seen. She is training really well and has the best personality. My dad was thoroughly impressed with her…which says a lot! She’s growing like crazy and has somehow managed to soften me up enough to let her sleep on my bed.


  • Ashley,
    I just wanted to let you know that Smokey is doing very well (Better than I could have ever expected). I have him at the trainer now and he is really beginning to shine. He should be passing Seasoned hunt test this October at just 11 months. I look forward to hunting with him this season. There are two other Ashland pups there. I believe that one is also out of Flip w/ South Wind Nighthawk. He is a firecracker. Anyway, I just wanted to keep in touch. I will be getting him back the first of October, I will e-mail you some pictures. Thanks

    Jeremy Shuman


  • Hello Friend Ashley,

    I hope all is well in Georgia!
    My husband Kevin and I bought 2 female lab pups from you in 2003, while we lived in Cold Bay, Alaska. We have moved since then, and are (hopefully temporarily) in North Dakota! (The girls want to go back to Alaska).

    I just have to tell you what wonderful dogs we have. We could not be happier with them. They are healthy, excellent hunters, and wonderful companions! Maggie (Jesse/Doc pup) is an excellent water dog, and Petra (Belle/Cash pup) is an excellent upland bird dog, loves the heavy cover, and will sniff out anything with feathers or fur. Petra is also very loyal (remember how at 7 weeks she did not want to leave your kennel, and made my trip home miserable!). But, she is the most LOYAL friend I could ever wish for!!! They give us much joy, and we try to take them everywhere with us. Here is a picture of them crowded into our little plane, and with some ducks we shot (landing strip is on the the arctic circle) in Alaska.

    I can't imagine life without our girls, and we are SO happy we purchased high-quality labs from your kennel. They were worth every penny and then some!!!!!

    All our best, and God Bless!!
    Lisa Fox

    Lisa Fox

  • Dear Ashley, Mom, and Dad,
    I know it's been a while since I last wrote,but I've had so many new adventures!
    In my last letter I told you all about SNOW, which was a fun thing while it lasted. Now we have grass and green bushes, and the trees are getting leaves and are nice and shady.
    But here's the best thing about living here; there are rabbits and squrrels and chipmonks , and deer in my very own back yard!  They come from something that the humans call a 'Prairie Preserve' The deer are NOT afraid of me when I bark or growl because they're not scared; so I have more fun chasing the small, furry animals.  They run and I chase them ; it's good exercise!
    The Vet has given me all the shots I need to keep me healthy and well  and says that I'm a perfect pup.....but I knew that already!
    I tried to be a very good dog for my new Mom last week when the Grandma and Grandpa went away to visit whatever Pennsylvania is.  Remember ,I told you that Mom Maggie sits in a wheelchair?  Well the Big Guy fixed a rope with a clip like the one on my lead so I could go out and run in the sunshine .

    When I wanted to go out I sat at the back door like a good boy and she'd clip my new collar. I scratch ed the door when I wanted  to come in. The Boy is a good friend,too. We play fetch the ball, and frizbee and get the birdie.  But I don't understand why it was wrong to 'get' the bird in the nest in  the shrubbery. I guess humans aren't into  dog-fun.
    My friend Sheba and I run thru' the house each morning; chasing each other.  She used to let me win , but that was when I was I'm almost her size . She's very kind to me ; we've become best buddies. The Boy calls us 'Homies"....(it's a joke!)
    Mom Maggie's calling me ,,,got to see what she wants; I'm an obedient lab; mostly.
    Love to everyone,


  • Hey Ashley,

    When I spoke to you Friday morning, you asked that I let you know how Belle did this weekend at the UKC Retriever Hunt Test in South Carolina this weekend.
    (Belle is the pup of Bailey and Moses and will be a year old on Friday! She looks the spitting image of Moses, too.)
    According to her handler/trainer, Glenn Connie of Lonesome Pine Kennel in Whitaker, NC, she got a standing ovation after her water test this morning! Glenn said that when he sent her she was going full throttle in about 4 inches of water when the bottom of the pond changed and the water dropped off to about four feet deep. He said when the bottom dropped off from under her she went under and actually swam under water about 5 feet before she popped up and got the duck. When she got back to Glenn she got the standing ovation. He said everybody was coming up to him asking about her/what her name was/where she was from/who her owners were, etc.
    Yesterday, Glenn said that one of her ducks in the land test came out and fell into the briars. The judge told Glenn he would throw him another duck and Glenn told him no, that Belle would go get that one. The judge told him that was Glenn's call, and Glenn sent Belle. He said she made a bee line to the duck and then dove into the briars and pulled the duck out without hesitation. Needless to say, she now has 10 championship points toward her first title! Glenn isn't sure right now if he wants to continue to test her in Started and get the title or move on now and go straight for the Hunting Retriever title. She is being trained on hand signals now, and he thinks that she'll be ready for the Seasoned test in about a month or so. She spent four months with him at the end of last year learning basic obedience and basic retrieval things, then came home on New Year's Day for six weeks (I couldn't stand it any more...had to see my "baby") and then went back to Glenn on Valentine's Day. She'll probably be home at the end of May, and probably with her Hunting Retriever title. Glenn said he took pics of her on the dock with her ribbons, so when he sends them to me I'll forward you a copy.
    We will most likely want to breed her once, probably on her third heat cycle -next Feb- and will be looking for a suitable stud for her. If you know of anyone, let us know. We'll want to keep the light yellow color for the pups, so a light colored sire would be ideal. And, of course, he'd have to have a great hunting pedigree as well. What I'd like to do is be able to keep a male from that litter to train/title and later have as a stud dog.
    And, just so you know, Belle is a wonderful pup! She loves to lay on the couch and sleep when she's home. She has been a house dog all of her life, except when she's at Glenn's for training. I keep telling him he needs to keep her in his house. Oh, and she loves yogurt, with her favorite kind being blueberry. She starts out licking the left overs from the carton and ends up with the container on her nose so that she can get the stuff on the bottom. For her first birthday this week, I'm shipping a box to her trainer that has party hats, gourmet doggie treats and raw hides so that she can have a party with her buddies at school!
    I'll keep you informed of her progress.

    Anne Williams/Wayne Bradford
    McDonough GA

  • Hey ashley, just touching base with you. Ann is doing very well. She is going to be small but she has ambition you would not believe. My friends can not believe how hard she is hitting the water already. She also has very good personality and is very protective of me. My hunting buddies now see you get what you pay for. I will mail you a couple of pictures.
    Thanks for fixing me up with such a wonderful companion.



  • Ashley, 
    Just wanted to update you regarding Punches achievements.  She is just a wonderful, gentle, sweetheart who loves to be loved and loves to love.  But she also has her hunting side.  She has done so wonderful this year duck/goose retrieving.  She has done no field hunting just blind retrieves out in a duck blind and she just amazes us with her abilities. 

    You should see her on the weekends when my husband is getting ready to go at the crack of dawn.  She cries and cries until we put her jacket on her and she gets in the truck.  And then she comes home strutting her stuff she is so proud.  But again we are very very proud of her also.  We had pictures for you but the disposable camera doesn't zoom in.  Hopefully soon. 
    Duck hunting season is coming to an end so now there will be long "cold" walks in the fields throwing a dumby for her to keep her keen until next season. 
    We wand to thank you for a great dog and companion she is truly a blessing to our family. 
    You have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.  
     Bob & Julie Dvorak and PUNCH


  • Just wanted to touch base and update you on Woody.  Once again Ashley I could not be happier.  He has such drive to hunt, and is an awesome companion.  My two boys love him to death and he has been a great addition to the family.  I was pleased at his maturation over the season. 

    Woody picked up over 250 ducks and 30 geese.  We only lost two cripples the entire season.  He is following the gun much better and is steady as a rock.  One day we hunted for 11 hours and he still did not want to leave the blind.  I have a lot of work for the spring in preparation to run senior, but he definitely has the ability.  We just need to work on the trainer.  He picked up several quads, and memoried really well.  We are not sure how far one retrieve was because a teal picked up and flew out of sight, but Woody stayed with him and about five minutes later returned with the bird.  The guys in the blind could not believe what they saw.  He is one of the fastest dogs I have ever seen in running water.  It is an awesome sight to watch him work.  Hope you are doing well and I still intend on sending some pictures your way.

    Mike Jones


  • Hi Ashley,

    We just wanted to send you an update on Millie. As you can well imagine, she continues to grow and just gets cuter everyday. She has, of course, been fetching anything we throw since we first brough her home. She can now do "sit", and she walks fairly well on the leash. We have to work on a "real" heal.
    Our vet Dr. Carol Barton (who is also a family friend) was extrememly impressed with Millie, her looks as well as her demeanor, and asked for a card from your kennel which she is going to pass on to people inquiring about quality breeders of Labs.
    We are amazed at how well our older Lab, Huck Finn gets along with her. He loves to play with her and is ever gentle and patient. He will take turns at the "fetching" game and stay at a sit if we say "Millie fetch". They also play this little game the two of them made up, where Huck picks up a toy (that looks much like a miniature canvas training dummy), he takes it to her and waits til she gets a grip on the other end, then he leads her around the room very gently while they both "growl" a lot. Its really funny to watch. I know they would curl up together to sleep, but right now Millie has to sleep in her kennel or she will wet on Hucks bed.
    Sorry for going on so long here, I guess you can see that we are very pleased with her and so glad that we found you.


  • Tess's first duck retrieve - owned by Bragg Carter - Eufaula AL

  • Ashley,

    I'm sure you get emails all the time from people who have purchased pups from you and write back to let you know how wonderful their dog is........well, I'm going to be ONE MORE person on that list!!! I looked around for months at many breeders all across the country before deciding to pick a pup from Hawk and Halle's litter. I picked up Riley from you this past new years eve and he is now 8 1/2 months old. He is, by far, THE SMARTEST dog I have ever had. He has impressed me since the very beginning at how quick he learns and picks up on things he is taught. He is currently with Larry Chapman at Foothills Retrievers in Seneca, South Carolina and is about to begin his third month of an advanced gun dog training program. Larry has praised Riley from day one about his drive, intelligence, and fantastic pedigree. Riley soaks up the training like a sponge and is doing awesome! I'm so impressed with him! I cant wait to get him in some competitions and start working on his titles. I'll keep you updated with his progress and let you know how he's coming along.

    Thanks again for my best friend.
    C. Brock Stevens
  • Hi Ashley,
    We have been meaning to write to you to let you know how awesome our black lab is!!!
    He was born in December to Belle and Moses.
    Buck is now 60 pounds, is a VERY loving dog, for the most part only chews his toys (and not ours) and LOVES to swim in the lake (we live on Lake Allatoona)  By the way, I am sure he is the fastest swimmer in the WORLD!!! Okay, we brag a lot about Buck.
    When we had Buck neutered they did a hip Xray for us and they said he had EXCELLENT hips.  They were very impressed and said it was about as perfect as hips could get.  Great teeth and a very healthy shiny coat.
    He is a quick learner, loves to retrieve balls and water bottles out of the lake and even has learned to climb on a lounging float in the water.  He has been crated during the day with a mid-day break and this has worked very well.
    I am sure good breeding has so much to do with his nature and health.  We will definitely be giving your name to whoever inquires about looking for a good dog, and who knows one day we may be back for another.        
    take care,
    Donna and Dusty Hill
  • Ashley, Attached you will find a picture of Lily with her ribbon from the Junior Hunt Test in Nashville. She did great and stepped on all four of her marks. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy. Sincerely,
    John Faber

  • What a Dog!!
  • I just wanted to thank you for Lily. She is a great dog both in the house as well as in the field. She just turned 1 on January 1 2004 and she has already picked up 141 birds. I can't wait to have another year of training!!! Thanks for everything and thanks for the perfect dog.
    John Fabar

  • Ashley, Just wanted to touch base with you regarding "Chance". This is one fabulous pup and I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to go with him. We have been having a wonderful time and I'm very impressed with the even temperament and sponge-like intelligence he possesses. You will be highly recommended by me in the future. Thanks Again!  Joel
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how "Bailey" is doing. She is about 40 pounds now and 5 1/2 months old. She is learning very fast. Rein and I love her to death. She is such a great dog and everyone who sees her says she is the prettiest lab they've seen. I am thankful that I found such a great breeder! You did a great job! I have attached the most recent of the dozens of pictures I have of her. Hopefully, next fall I will have some good hunting pictures.
    Thanks Again.  Andy Erickson
  • Hello Ashley, We bought a light yellow lab from you. This pup has matured into the best lab. He will do it all. He is so smart, it seems he is almost human.  He stays inside at night, loves the water, retrieves, stays, and marks well. We could not be happier.  What a Beautiful Dog. 
    Thanks - Jack and Kay Thompson
  • Hi Ashley, I could not resist a photo that we took of "Jackson" last week! This is the most magnificent animal that perhaps is on the planet! My trainer is still working with him, and plans to use him in a training video to promote her business!  She (honestly) claims he is the smartest dog she has trained for a client and you would not believe what a fabulous companion he has made for us. Thank God I made the call to you when I did!!  We have our "forever" dog.  Fondly - Sherry and Lenny Meltz
  • Ashley, I have been surfing the web for quite some time looking for a puppy for my children. Your website is by far the greatest. It is very easy to access and user friendly. You answer all questions and then some. Great job!!
    Claudette Lusk - Moncks Corner, SC

  • Dear Ashley, Mom and Dad,
    I've had a good time getting to know my new family and I'm happy. I'm growing every day; soon I'll need a new basket to lie in when I take a nap.
    There was another BIG dog here when I came, but she's become a friend and I'm whittling her down to my size! She tried to take away my duck that quacks,(even thou' she had one of her own); so I growled and barked and got very angry and the family that I now own made her bring it back down the stairs to me.
    There's a neat thing here in Illinois called SNOW. The boy takes us out in the afternoon (don't know where he is all day); and makes balls with it and my friend Sheba and I chase them; it's a fun time. But we don't stay out very long because there's so much of this SNOW stuff piled up  in the back yard that I might get lost in it!!  It makes my feet cold so that's when I run back onto the deck and scratch on the door ....the Grandma  or Grandpa always lets me in,so I think she likes me,too.
     YAWN....I'm getting a little bit tired so I'll close now . Letter writing makes me sleepy.
    One more thing...the big guy who picked me up at the airport wants to call me  something sissy like " Maggie's Midnight Dancer."...     but I'm JACK

    A Letter home from Jack