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Just some feedback from our customers...

I thought I would shoot you an email and let you know about one of your old pups. Kona picked up a master pass this weekend at the Atlanta hunt test. This brings his total for the year to 7 master passes. That's right! Kona will be on his way to California this fall, to compete in the master nationals. I'll keep you updated on his progress, just thought you might enjoy a little brag about one of your own.

B. Crawford


This is Chase, Ashland's Wild Goose Chase, doing what she loves best. She is the ultimate companion and my best friend. A die hard duck fetcher by day and the sweetest little girl by night. Im so lucky to have gotten this dog from you five years ago. Thank you for an exceptional girl!!

Clay McCord

Goose Chase

Hi Ashley,

I hope you are well! Wanted to send along a photo of Ripley from last weekend on his first walk in the woods. He's doing great! Went on a jog on this walk and stayed right at my side with leash trailing on ground. Everyone who meets him says he is the smartest and most polite puppy they have ever met... He obviously had a great mama that gave him a great start! Cannot thank you enough.

Kate and Dan


Hi Ashley,

I just wanted to let you know that Daisy is doing great. I can't believe how smart she is. She already knows......sit, down, come, stay, and today she went to the door and started crying to go out. We are so amazed!!

I also wanted to let you know that this was the first time I bought a puppy that smelled clean, ears were clean, and didn't have any fleas. That tells me that you run a class act business.

Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure buying our little girl from you. I just hope she jumps big at her first dock diving competition :)



In June 2007 my son and I drove down to Georgia from upstate New York to pick -up Kelli a daughter of FC Duk Dawg of Nickajack and Winterhavens Rapscallion.

What a worthwhile trip that was! As soon as we got home she immediately jumped into our pond. She was easily trained doing multiple retrieves by the end of summer .

Her water entry is a sight to see. She loves people and is wonderful in the house. I check your website from time to time to see upcoming litters and marvel at the consistent quality of litters you have. Being from the old school of having Black labs for over 30 years I have turned that bias to my son. He is interested to get his own Lab and we want to hunt test here in the Northeast as I finally have time to do so. I'm sure Kelli could have been a MH. Could you let me know pricing info on both litters [Dab & bigboy Mackie & Dougan]?

Thanks again,

Bob W.

Not sure if you have seen this video or not but you should be one proud lady. More great video is coming but I thought you would love this one as well as knowing that Mes picked up over 400 birds this year. Oh, if you have forgotten (I know you haven't) the boy is 10 months old right now.

John F.

Just a quick note, Gage is wonderful!!! He is doing so well. We are so amazed at how smart he is. He is coming to his name and retrieving his duck toy. He loves to cuddle and watch t.v. :) He is also doing great with crate training. He has definitely won our hearts. We are having so much fun with him. He is getting lots of love and attention. Thanks again for all you do!!

Hey Ashley! We bought a black lab from you almost 3 years ago- His name is Rooster and we wanted to share some hunting and swimming pics (attached)with you,b/c I know you like to keep up with all your pups!! He is the BEST dog!! He is a HUNTING machine!! That is all he wants to do. He knows when my husband starts packing the truck and gets all the camo out that it is time to hunt! He loves to please! He is so sweet with our 3 boys- they hug on him, he licks all over their faces, he is the best!

Thanks! and Merry Christmas!!






I purchased a pup from you in the Summer of 2001. He is out of Southwind Nighthawk and Hardlabor�s Rock-N The Boat.

My �pup� is no pup any longer, he will be 10 years old in a few months. It saddens me deeply to see Rocky slowing down.

He has been my best friend for 10 years.

I just wanted to say Thank You.

Rocky has been a fine gun dog as well as family pet.( Dang good fishing partner too! )

Thanks again.


Just wanted to share the photos taken last Saturday of Sassie and Santa Paws. As you can see, she is just beautiful and still full of sass, and always ready to go !!!! I think she only has two speeds, full out and stop. She loves to give hugs and is quite the little cuddlier. Thinks she is a lap dog, and not happy unless she is wrapped around me one way or the other. Loves to put her head on the pillow next to mine. Smart, yes she is....still having a little trouble healing on the lease, she just wants to go !!!! Has sit, down, stay, come, low crawl, speak, fetch, give paw, high five down cold... Working with hand and vocal commands! She is amazing ! You should see how she perks up when she hears the geese and ducks fly over head. She chased her first squirrel, the other day. Also chasing the deer away from our back yard the other day. (thankfully the fence stopped her) She was a little shy, would bark and run to me, and now she is starting to stand her ground when barking at intruders. (She can't stand anyone near her back yard) Doesn't seem to mind the ones walking out front. Loves everybody she meets, two legs or four, just wants to play with them.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful little girl !!!! She is growing up before my eyes, still all legs, in fact it is almost funny, at times they seems to get in her way. Took her this morning to be spade and get her belly button hernia repaired. Vet, said she did well and is awake looking for something to eat. She is very healthy, weighs 49.5 pounds, which is good since as you know her 6 month birthday was last Tuesday. By the way she did get over the fear of water, just as you said. In fact I have to either put her in her crate or outside to take a shower. (She climbs right into the tub/shower with all four legs otherwise) Shutting her out of the bathroom doesn't work, because she she barks and scratches at the door. Not a day goes by that she doesn't do something which is sure to make me laugh, she is a clown. Smart, when I tell her to go get a specific toy, she goes and brings it back to me. Knows the difference between ball, her tractor, duck, hedgehog by name.

Well I will close this for now, since I know that you have more wonderful little pups to tend to, Thank You once again and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



I have some videos on my facebook page of Avery retrieving pigeons as far as I can throw them. He is absolutely so big and smart. We have mastered the house training and sit command in only 2wks. This little guy is going to be one big dog. I would send you some pictures when I can get him to sit still long enough. Also, sunday, he went on his 1st boat ride on the river. The only problem we have had is that he's my buddy all day long until me wife gets home and then he lays with her until bed time. Thanks again so much! You were right, you aren't just buying a dog!!!

• Ashley,

Greetings from NC!!

Hope all is well down your way. Just wanted to let you know about Trooper (Buster and Sadie pup). He's doing great. We're getting ready for opening of dove season next weekend. Then he'll be going into hunt tests in Oct. We're very excited and know he'll do great. Also, he has rated an excellent on his OFA, and his CERF last Dec. was normal. Our kids love him to death, the neighborhood kids love playing with him. He's just an all around wonderful dog.

Just wanted to say thanks again!!

Trish Lisenby


Wanted to share a recent picture of Macon with you and let you know what has been going on with her this past year.
She is training with Jerry Day in Newnan, Georgia and she is doing really well.

She won her HRC Started title on 9/27/2009 at the Old South Hunt Test in Pine Mountain and this past weekend she received two ribbons toward her AKC Junior Title.

She has been training with Jerry since mid-March and he has her training with some of the seasoned and finished dogs. Pretty awesome for only 14 months! Jerry has nothing but good things to say about her and believes she may have what it takes to run in national field trials (wow!). We really miss her since we only see her on weekends, she’ll be home with us in mid-November for hunting season and possibly back with Jerry in Spring for field trial training.

She is beautiful and an awesome dog with the sweetest personality. She can retrieve a duck like no one’s business which really tickles Sandy
and snuggle with me at the end of the day which warms my heart.

We’ll keep you posted on her progress!
Sandy & Teresa Sanders
Birmingham AL


Just dropping a long overdue note and a photo of Eve (aka: Evening Tide). She was out of Dab's litter born in August. She is doing remarkable and was everything we hoped for. A sweet and wonderful house pet for my wife and kids, but all business in the field.
She absolutely loves birds, I shot our first pheasant over her at 12 weeks.

When she arrived in October, hunting over her this year wasn't even a consideration, but after she caught a pheasant at 11 weeks I just couldn't wait any longer! We are in the middle of a deep freeze in the northeast right now so birds are scarce, so we are concentrating on obedience right now. Not something either of us are crazy
about, but needs to get done. She seems more bored with it than anything. Can hardly wait to resume field work in the spring.
Thanks so much for producing such wonderful pups. I will keep you posted on Eve's progress.


Kirk Enko
Haydenville, MA


Thought I would drop you a line and give you an update. Duck Unlimited used Carmen in one of their online articles.

She is doing great and is an amazing hunting companion and member of the family. So, thanks for everything and Happy Holidays.


Hey Ashley! Here are the copies of Luke’s pictures from when he appeared in Delta Waterfowl Magazine. I know you have recently updated the website and didn’t know if you wanted to add this as well.

I hope to get scanned images of the article soon.

Talk to you soon!!

Tim Westbrook


Elvis is a mercy/bull gater pup. He qualified all-age this spring with a first as a two year old. We're very proud of him. He has an outstanding work ethic and is a delight to have in the house.

Have a great day.


Jamie and Bill Woodson


John and I bought Chopper from you in 2002. He is such an extremely smart dog. Chopper has the soul and spirit that can capture anyone’s heart; even people that do not like dogs (if you can imagine that) fall in love with him. So, I guess I just wanted to tell you thank you for Chopper, he is such a blessing in so many different ways; he brings a smile to my face and to John’s face on a daily basis.

Again, thank you!!!


How's it going, this is my Cody X Annie pup at 16 months on the last hunt of the year in oklahoma, he picked up 275 ducks this year (his first year).




I just can't believe we've only had her 3 1/2 wks!! Let me just tell you that she is the sweetest and smartest puppy ever!! We certainly picked the perfect baby for our family. She doesn't even cry at night...just a whimper and Alan takes her out to potty. She's now 10lbs and had her 2nd set of shots right on time (and the first appt of the day, just like you said) and she's big buddies w/ our other babies as well. We're playing alot of games w/ her introducing commands, etc. and she's really catching on. Alan got those books/DVD "water dog" and "family dog", so that's helping us to train her properly. She's getting lots of exercise. Also, she's only had 2 accidents in her bed and that was when we were away, however we've never left her for more than 3hrs at a time. She LOVES her bed!

Here are a few pictures and all but the one (of her and Tucker playing) were just taken. The white dog is my daughter's and they just met. I have a whole album devoted to her on my Facebook page, which of course you are welcome to "friend" me at. (Donna K Brown) I hate to think what it's going to be like when we have a grandchild!!

So, just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't have asked for any more and appreciate all the time you invested in her. By the way, she's still such a snuggler. Sometimes I think she'd love it if I got one of those baby slings and could carry her around all day! I'm SO thankful that I can be home all day w/ her.

Thanks again and we hope all is well with your family. HAPPY EASTER!!

Donna and Alan Brown

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