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FOR ALL YOUR DOG TRAINING SUPPLIES - The man who owns is a personal friend of mine and will take care of you and exactly what you need to start training on the "right track"!



1. The biggie : Housetraining

Until he is about 3 months old, your puppy will have to relieve himself frequently. A few important factors to tackle housetraining :

Timing is key !
Your young puppy will have to "go" RIGHT after eating,  playing and waking up - approximately every 2 hours - Not to worry with age ( each week ) you will notice your puppy bladder control get stronger! But be prepared to take him out PROMPTLY at these times... before he has a chance to make a "mistake" in the house. Housebreaking is as much you anticipating when he has to go out as the puppy!
Keeping your puppy on a regular feeding schedule will also make things easier for the both of you !

Always let him know when he's been "good" outside !
As soon as he goes outside praise him lavishly from day 1 !! Don't expect your pup to understand long lavish sentences - keep it short - Good Boy - Good Puppy ! Tone is also important... he will learn what he has done is good much faster if your tone is cheerful.

Keep a watchful eye !
If you notice he is about to "pee" in the house ... quickly say NO in a stern but calm voice... quickly take him out and praise him when he goes outside.
* Every mistake your puppy makes in the house is a step backwards in housebreaking - AND every time he goes outside ... it's a step forward !

No not give "delayed punishment" !
You should never punish your puppy for a mistake if you were not watching ! This allows the pup to make a clear connection between the action and feedback. Punishing your puppy for reasons he does not understand will only leave him confused and unhappy... also lessen the trust in you and the bond !

IF unsupervised -leave him in a crate !
Until he is housebroken - it is VERY important to NEVER leave him unsupervised or unattended. He is MUCH less likely to "pee" in a confined area such as a kennel crate

2. Something to chew on -

Because the new teeth are developing in is jaws, your puppy will have a VERY strong urge to chew. He needs to chew ... like a new baby, a puppy chews to help the teeth emerge through his gums. So he has to have is OWN toys - he is allowed to chew on... rather than punishing him repeatedly for chewing things he finds around the house. Hard, nylon toys are good - or rope tugs ! Avoid rawhide chews - small pieces can cause digestive problems or get stuck in his throat.

Do not give him old shoes to chew on - He cannot distinguish between his shoes and your best pair of shoes !!

3. Jumping up on you - is not for joy !

Even though its natural for the puppy to want to jump up and put his paws on you to greet you - do not start this with him from day one ! Although it might be cute now - it will not be when he's grown up.  Gently knee him in the chest with a stern "NO' - he will get the idea quick. Also no not let him jump on guest - out of courtesy they may say " Oh he's fine" but let then know what your trying to break him of... so it doesn't get started.

Finally training your puppy requires a serious commitment of your time, effort attention and patience ! But most of all enjoy the new puppy, spend time with him and he will reward you with years of devoted companionship.

If you run into areas where you feel helpful advice is needed - do not hesitate to give me a call !!! Ashley