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FOR ALL YOUR DOG TRAINING SUPPLIES - The man who owns is a personal friend of mine and will take care of you and exactly what you need to start training on the "right track"!

Best Start Program:

     "Get your puppy on the right track early" - We can help you optimize your chance for success with your new puppy! Getting a puppy from

"Good Breeding" is essential (see article - How to choose a Super Duck Puppy). After your selection - the puppies socialization is critical - we can help!
     Should you not have the time to devote to raising your puppy - We can also help with House Breaking, Crate Training, Teaching the puppy good manners, early obedience (sit, here, heel) and working with your puppy retrieving birds. This a monthly program you are welcome to come participate and visit during the training.

     The program is $800.00 a month and includes:

  • Raising the puppy in the house, House Breaking, Crate Training, teaching the puppy to walk on a leash, early obedience with sit, here and heel, lots of emphasis on good-manners (no one wants an unruly puppy!), introduction to gun shot, introduction to water and lots of Retriever training with birds.
  • We only keep a limited number of puppies - only 2 at time - for optimum attention. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us early!
  • We offer private or group classes in puppy training, obedience and use of commands to get your puppy on the right track to making him/her a TRUE "Super Duck Dog" and a well behaved member of your family.

Health Requirements:

     The state certification requires us to have a record of your dog's vaccinations including Bordetella (Kennel Cough). This is for your protection as well as the other dogs. Please have your vet fax us the records or bring copies with you.