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FOR ALL YOUR DOG TRAINING SUPPLIES - The man who owns is a personal friend of mine and will take care of you and exactly what you need to start training on the "right track"!

Ashland's House Training Tips

House training your puppy can be easy and effective if you dedicate the necessary time and patience. A successful plan includes supervision, confinement, encouragement and praise.

The primary objective is to establish a specific location and surface for elimination by minimizing chances for elimination in the "wrong" places, while maximizing the chances for elimination in the "right" places.

First and foremost...If you want to get the message across, you must be aware of the various conditions and activities that stimulate puppies to eliminate, including feeding, drinking, playing and waking up from naps. Learn to be aware of these activities and be alert to your puppy needing to go outside. We always begin to condition our puppies by using the command "outside" as we go outside. With time, your puppy will learn to signal if it has to go out.

The next step is to teach your puppy where you want it to eliminate. To do this...YOU MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR PUPPY OUTSIDE EVERY TIME IT GOES OUTDOORS. CHOOSE A SPECIFIC LOCATION WITH EASY ACCESS AND USE ONE SPECIFIC DOOR IN YOUR HOME TO TAKE THE PUPPY OUTSIDE. As you begin house training, try to take your puppy out every one to two hours. But do not your puppy gets older, develops more bladder control and starts to get the hang on things you can wait longer between outings.

Most importantly...When your puppy eliminates outside, praise to heartily..."Good boy/girl" and start playing!!!

Controlling your puppy's feeding schedule provides some control over it's elimination schedule. We feed our pups at the same time of day (2 to 3 times a day) in the kennel crate. Feeding in the kennel crate and only giving the puppy a certain amount of time to eat ( no longer than 20 minutes) helps you know when to take it out after eating. This helps to establish a schedule both you and your puppy will get used to... and most importantly, you will be able to monitor when to take the puppy out after feeding.

For owners who work, or can't supervise the puppy closely:

    Confine the puppy in a large crate, exercise pen or small room. The idea being to provide the dog with an area that is totally different from anything found in the house. Cover the floor with newspapers. In one corner area, provide a comfortable sleeping area...with towels, "woobies", etc.. They should also be able to stretch out comfortably! You may leave water down (however we don't)... but not food! Never use the confinement area as punishment!!!

    In most cases, the puppy will not eliminate in what has become their "den". But the crate does have limitations. Do not use it longer than your puppy can physically control for more than 4 hours during the day. Most puppies will quickly adapt to the crate if you make training fun. Feeding in the crate, tossing toys inside for your pup to chase and never punishing in the crate should all encourage your puppy to look forward to being in the crate.

If your puppy is at home for long periods (longer than 4 hours) , confine it to a small room or exercise pen. The area should have enough space so that the puppy can eliminate and rest several feet away from a mess.


1. Take your puppy for frequent walks. This is the best laxative and diuretic known to nature.

2. Avoid paper training at all costs, unless there is NO other alternative. All this teaches the puppy is that it's OK to eliminate in the house. There is NO reason why even a toy breed, much less a Lab or Golden, can't go outside to eliminate - even in the dead of winter!

3. Do not let your puppy go outside unsupervised. You must see the puppy eliminate. If you throw the pup out alone with the kids, you can't be sure it has eliminated. This is the prime cause of the case where the puppy goes in the house after it has been outside. It was just too distracted to "go".

Finally remember... NO PUPPY HAS EVER BEEN HOUSE TRAINED WITHOUT MAKING A MISTAKE OR TWO!!! Be prepared for the inevitable. It does not help to become frustrated and harshly discipline your puppy! Although it seems like hard work, the rewards are mote than worth the effort, A few weeks of hard work , should give you a puppy that is house broken for life!!

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