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FOR ALL YOUR DOG TRAINING SUPPLIES - The man who owns is a personal friend of mine and will take care of you and exactly what you need to start training on the "right track"!

Ashland's Crate Training Tips

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   Crate Training is neither cruel nor unfair...provided your pup has sufficient exercise and an opportunity to eliminate before you put it in the crate. Remember, allowing your puppy to wander through the house unsupervised to investigate, chew and eliminate is unwise and potentially dangerous.

Crate Training is beneficial for you and your pup:
  • The crate provides security and safety for your pup.
  • The crate also prevents costly damage ( due to chewing, etc).
  • The crate helps in proper chewing and house training.
  • The crate helps your puppy get accustomed to caging for traveling.
  • Better relationships...discipline for puppy & less frustration for you.

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A few Ashland Kennel Tips:

1. Purchasing the crate: You will need to get a large (400 ) series kennel crate. Even though the puppy may be small when you bring it home... they grow quickly and need to get used to the same crate. There are several styles of crates, metal, collapsible, plastic, etc... We recommend the plastic crate (the cheapest place to purchase it is Wal Mart/ Sam's ). If you choose the wire crate, be sure to remove the puppy's collar while in the crate to avoid getting caught on the wire. ***We choose not to put a collar on any or our young they can not get the collar caught on anything...puppies are very curious!

2. Labs and Goldens are very sociable animals...therefore the ideal location for the crate is in a room where your family spends a lot of time, such as a den, kitchen or bedroom. Don't keep the pup isolated in the laundry room or furnace room. The crate must remain a positive, enjoyable retreat and NEVER used as a punishment!!! Having a radio or TV in the room can help calm the puppy and mask some other noises that may trigger barking.