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FOR ALL YOUR DOG TRAINING SUPPLIES - The man who owns is a personal friend of mine and will take care of you and exactly what you need to start training on the "right track"!


BEGINNING OBEDIENCE TRAINING - The 4 "big" keys to success:

1. Start Early

2. Be Consistent

3. Use lots of Positive Reinforcement

4. Keep your Sessions short!

Here's how we start our "Super Duck Pups" at Ashland Kennel:

Teaching Obedience:

Now that you have your new puppy... How and when should you begin teaching obedience? You do not have to be a taskmaster to get your puppy to behave. Proper Obedience training is essential right from the start- Establish boundaries and have frequent short, playful sessions that emphasize communication and interaction. You can teach your puppy to listen and learn.

Your puppy is like a sponge, ready to soak up knowledge to give him the confidence and security to be a well-behaved adult. So it's important to START EARLY - but remember puppies have a very short attention span. Keep your session about 10-15 minutes and always end your session on a positive note -when your puppy has accomplished what you have been trying to achieve. At Ashland Kennel we use 3 basic commands - HERE, SIT, and HEEL.

The first lesson we start with is "HERE". Ted and I use the command "here" not "come" but whatever you use be consistent, and make sure everyone in the family is consistent with the commands. "Here" is important ,as we want the puppies always coming to us and minding - it could also save your dogs life someday. Using small treats ( we use Pup-A-Roni Lean treats ) is an excellent way to begin teaching "here". Have the treats readily available, squat down and say "here", "here", "here" with the dogs name on the assumption they will come to you. When he does, reward him with a treat, then back up a few steps and repeat again, then again. Soon the puppy will be at your feet, like a little snapping turtle - looking for his treat, but they will come to you when you say the command " here". Don't scold him if he comes to slowly; this will only teach him to avoid you in the future. Be positive and make this fun! The treats will be replaced for praise as the puppy grows. This method for teaching "HERE" works if you are consistent!!

"SIT" is easy using treats too. Scoop your puppy into a sit so he will get used to you handling him. Squat down next to him, place one hand on his chest and one hand behind his rear legs. Say the command "SIT" and gently apply pressure on his rear legs- he will sit then give him a treat and praise him readily - "Good Sit". Again be positive and make this fun.

"HEEL" starts with a choke chain and leash at about 8-9 weeks. Begin letting your puppy walk along beside you while saying "Heel". Do not let this become a pulling and choking session - give him small treats to let him know it is "ok" to be restrained on the leash. After a few sessions and he has gotten used to the leash, keep his shoulder at your knee (this is "Heel" ) and say "Heel". Then after a few sessions and he's heeling beside you well, begin taking sharp turns, pull the leash gently to keep him at your knee and walk slowly in a square saying "heel". Then stand in front of him and teach him to come into heel beside you ( not behind you). Sometimes we used treats to guide them into a � circle beside your leg - to the heel position. We teach our dogs to heel on both sides. For competition/trials this in invaluable and also for hunting. Its not easy to get a left handed dog to heel on the right -if you get stuck on the wrong side of the boat.

The most important things to remember when teaching your puppy obedience are:

1. Keep the sessions short - His attention span is short!

2. Be Positive.

3. Use treats as rewards for good behavior.

4. Be Consistent - Dogs learn by repetition - this is imperative.

Raising a puppy should not be all hard work - it should also be fun. Be positive, praise him and reward him for good behavior. Starting obedience early is important. Controlling him as a puppy allows you to control him as an adult. Hence you will have a puppy that is socially acceptable and a joy to be with at all times.  Ashland Kennel is happy to answer all your questions about "Super Duck Puppies" and Retriever Training. Please e-mail us at and visit our web site at . Or call us at (478) 825.7875 (7875). Ashland Kennel- Full Time Retriever Training since 1988 - Experience makes a Difference. Fully Licensed and Insured.